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How To Love Nightmares

April 5, 2016


1. First off: consider the seriousness of the nightmare. Different dreams come with different severity and levels of terror. The demons of the night love to scare humans, but they often grace the morning with forgetfulness. 

2. Remember that often the nightmare is not real. The title of "nightmare" directly relates to a demon spirit coming in the night to bright bad dreams. Regardless of vividity, nightmares are not reality. They are simply what some other creature wants you to see. 

3. If you are aware of yourself during the nightmare, attempt to manipulate the nightmare in a way that you can better handle. 

4. If you feel stuck within the dream, breathe. It will soon be over. Sleep paralysis is normal. Though terrifying, it will not last forever. 

5. If the nightmare is slower paced, try to watch carefully at the world surrounding you. Find something that may calm you down and make the dream less terrifying. Latch onto the sliver of hope that maybe the demons will slink away and give you peace. 

6. If the nightmare speeds over your mind like a train car, try to slow it down. Move your brain in slow motion. Breathe. You can't forget to breathe. Stop breathing, and the demons will give you a slow death. 

7. Find the one piece of the nightmare that doesn't make sense. This detail, however small, will be your salvation. This detail could be a strange, twisted lover. It could be a butterfly that trails on the edge of your dream. It could be a weapon that saves your life. Maybe you turn yourself into the villain's sidekick to survive. It could be anything. But grab hold, and don't let go. 

8. Try to talk throughout the nightmare. If you hear words, the nightmare might not appear so intimidating. If you hear words, you might not feel so lost in a vast land in which you know nothing. 

9. Attempt to find connections between your nightmare and the real world. Maybe your companion is your best friend from third grade. Maybe the streets you walk through belong to the area around town center. Maybe you possess abilities that you've always wanted, even if they cause you to commit horrendous acts. Maybe the villain is actually your little brother. Any detail may help throw off the demon's plan of destruction. 

10. Wake up. 


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