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Hey guys! This is my first piece so please tell me how you feel about it! Thanks

Silent Tears

July 2, 2019


Silence... Empty words echoing my thoughts
Silence... Empty feelings filling my heart

Drop by drop, water drops down
drop by drop, I flutter my lids
A crystal of rain, a sound of silence
leaking down my pale frame

Down my lashes and pass my lips
the feeling of the fleeting kiss
I reminisce.

I stare at his back retreating
from the intense gaze of pools of green
which met the silver of smoke between
the orbs that were never seen

I breathe a gasp and shut my eyes
to view a memory full of cries
and stabs of grief and misery and pain
and wounded hearts these smiles hide

Cold and numb, empty and hollow 
unreal to unravel is my heart's sorrow.
The clouds rumble and sky cries
to hide my grief my tears arrive

But he hesitates and turns around
a moment of silence seems to haunt
He looks at me and I sigh
A moment of warmth flashes by

But that thought of comfort for which we care
is that at least with love, we have pain to share... 



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