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Just Off Route 187

January 22, 2020


     I am the FBI woman who lives in her webcam. Well, I used to be. There's a lot of things I used to be.
     I used to be important. A loving eye watching the world from afar, keeping it as safe as it can be. Safe from people like her.
    I used to be an investigative agent, when the AI's had done as much as they could, and delicacy was hard to come by. Well, out of human hands. 
     I used to be those human hands.
     I used to be a soldier. Before this job, that job, but they didn't let me remember it. I doubt I wanted to. Horrors of war and all that. But they let me keep high school ROTC, memories of crushes and rivalries and secrets between friends left behind. I don't remember their names.
     I used to be a person, but now I'm just a peach farmer. Just a sunkissed face on the side of the road with more or less of a memory. I used to know her, and now she's buying my peaches just off route 187.
     I used to be the weakest link, but now I'm broke in more ways than one.
     The rules aginst what I have done have become no less illegal. I am still not allowed to fall in love with a terrorist.
     But- oh god I don't believe in- she's even more beautiful in person.


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