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With just a couple penny's a day, you could die! That's right folks, but wait, there's more, we deliver stright to your door! Side effects include heaven, hell, Valhalla, reincarnation, and nausea.

Just Off Route 187

July 5, 2019


     I am the FBI woman who lives in her webcam. Well, I used to be. There's a lot of things I used to be.
     I used to be one of many, watching the world from afar. Keeping it as safe as it can be. I used to be an investigative agent, when the AI's had done as much as they could, and delicacy was hard to come by- out of human hands. 
     I used to be a soldier. Before this job, that job, but they didn't let me remember it. I doubt I wanted to. Horrors of war and all that. But they let me keep high school ROTC, memories of crushes and rivalries and secrets between friends left behind. 
     I used to be a person, but now I'm just a peach farmer, with more or less of memories. Now she's buying my peaches just off route 187.
     I'm still not allowed to fall in love with a terrorist.
     But she's even more beautiful in person.


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