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Shadow in the Moonlight

By: Ryder

Shadow in the moonlight
A raven call
The quiet song
Of a waterfall
A broken harp
Still tries to play
A lost soul begs 
For a better day

Shadow in the moonlight
Prince made king
A flower fairy 
Being taught to sing
Big ship sinks
The little ship sales
Dolphin tries
To herd with the whales

Shadow in the moonlight
Cowboy dreams
All is not 
Quite what it seems

Peer Review

I found a deeper meaning in this song related to the descovery of who we really are.

The one I highlighted. It just really captures what society is doing to us making us try to fit in somewhere we don't belong.

Nope. Everything is perfect.

This is really beautiful. Keep on going. You will be great one day.

Reviewer Comments

Loved it.