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Emma Sue

United States

Aspiring journalist and author. Always looking for critique and friendships.

Message to Readers

*What is the strongest piece of imagery in the poem?

*What moment makes it clear what simple act is being illuminated?

*Is there any one moment that made you want to keep reading?


April 5, 2016

PROMPT: Flashlight

Some see rusty streams
surfacing on their broken bristles.
Some sip a single shot once the
moment has stopped.

Back and forth, back and forth
brushing incessantly 
as drop by drop licks the hairs
that sweep,
32 sweet suckers
Two times. Daily.

Some shiny whites 
some black inside
some small
others large and wide.

Too often forgotten.
Locked inside a searing sauna
swimming in enzymes and time.
Taken for granted as years go by

replaced by paste and plastic.


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