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China's eleven world is This The Tao

March 14, 2015



I write a bizarre story, and China's Road World adventure of life is related to the curvature of the human perspective name called remote sensing capabilities of the comparison between the strange world of egg Einstein smart too high or not the end of the body, the teeth degree can not be measure the volume of a Universe.


Wind, clouds hug, Delicate thin clouds, wind Shu Yun Seul
General: The latest technology in the birth of civilization,
Exception: the demise of updated technology in civilization,

Five elements and phase grams, but the norm, the general law;
Or any person or thing or other causal factors have an exception;
Imitation of Nature, the personal law in the heavens, on earth, the law of the road;
This is what we said, the law is one, one is two, two is a natural, natural habitats Road, said one, one two, two three, three things;
Then the mother of the five elements of yin and yang, yin and yang Anemarrhena ran in tai chi, tai chi's mother ran in nature;
This is what we ran in 6480 days ago 2753 19:55 only clear in mind.


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Next Main Body Immortal heritage, a period  of  the legendary Start Here.


Chapter One         Of Beauty  The landlord  and Rent



Chapter one
Beauty landlord and rent

Summer weather is like fury of a beautiful woman, the share of burning people dizzy, plus was sprayed spittle flying out of the stars, as if the earth drought Heavy rain.

    At this point, Xu Qing was wearing shorts and vest, standing in the doorway looking down groggy endured landlord ebullient beauty spittle offensive, even stepping on the foot seems to clouds, foggy thoughts drift.

    Beauty landlord in his early thirties, looks brilliant if the peaches and plums, ripe definitely belongs dripping kind. A pair of big visual 34D chest fruitful tall, quivering with the sentiment, it is truly attractive.

    Xu Qing opposite mood to appreciate the magnificent scenery scenery, head down, try not to let the stars spittle sprayed in the face, but he did not dare to head back out, after all, he and his sister-in-law got bills for two months rent, finish the long march is also a scolding Nothing should not only stay whispered carefully.

    "I wish Sister ......" Whenever Xu Qing call out these three words always some blocking his throat, as if swallowed into a handful of pig-like, always felt a little strange. But this woman than he did a more than one, do not cry out copies sister, not to mention it also owes people rent.

    "Young children, you do not blame Sister difficult for you, you go to find out find out about it two months rent will you be able to drag this house, either to see your sister usually help to do some small live does not matter, called early in the morning people expel you out. "Last Wish beauty landlord is this a cool big sister screamed, his tone has softened a bit, to be honest she did not want to catch Xu Qing go, after all, people also helped dry point per month 'Little live'.

    Small live? Three corridor cleaned daily rent again, but also to help you change the anti-gas meters, the last time you had a heart attack or Hell I carried you on the hospital, but afterwards even a decent Xie word no, still blame me ripped the tape ...... Xu Qing Han mentally abused, but did not dare to pop out anything at the mouth, head down, with weak, said: "Sister, sister in law, I did not pay, and so on the 15th will give okay? "

    Having said so, but my heart is not the slightest confidence Xu Qing, sister-in-law alone monthly wage rì the thousand-something son had borne Baba, how the money to pay the rent? Appeared to be a final exam, with Xu Qing grades in a university should be no problem, you can even admitted that the high tuition fees have not landed.

    Xu Qing face looked sad look, vent a pass inexplicable beauty landlord a throbbing heart, this guy is pretty good to be honest, the day his own sudden heart attack, but for now thanks to his stay in which four Zhi Buding box make it incense white chrysanthemums, spray him a lot of good mood, a trace of emotion called gratitude quietly swarmed the heart.

    Beauty landlord will have a little one idea in mind, mouth curved, a pair of small pear vortex particularly attractive, see Xu Qing look a swing, actually some floating.

    'Young son, sister sister-in-law know you is not easy, in addition to cleaning the corridor outside or sister will help you later landed a job, how much it costs to fill some, well a couple of months will be able to rent also a ...... "

    Xu Qing looked up and his eyes light up, looking intently wish sister, heard a he finally realized that the original is to let him take over the surrounding rented various trivial dude, what change gas, through the sewer pipe, handling even tutor students and the like, plus he will repair some parts of appliances, if the price is appropriate to do really great head.

    The landlord speaks more beautiful the more exciting, though she scolded liberal and extremely pungent, as long as a business sense to talk about, share the vision and wisdom of people kind of amazing feeling, combined with the pair of trembling chest big chest, even more amazing.

    They stood outside the house so fast one hour, Xu Qing legs felt a little numb, then remember to be moved out of the bar stool to sit wish Sister, did not think he had just turned beauty landlord has been very brisk ass sit on the ground.

    Xu Qing heard movement behind him turned his head, his face suddenly a stiff heart, said, Sister, you can not adhere to one minute it?

    Now booing, beauty landlord since a child sit down to find a way, Xu Qing hand froze, and my heart wondering, do you still want to move it this stool? Hesitated, beautiful women sitting on the ground landlord cried.

    "Young children, come help a sister, whoops, a waist oh my ......"

    Xu Qing lengleleng, quickly stepped forward to lift the Good Sister, unexpectedly busy out of chaos, a hand through the armpits are deducted on a group that Han soft, this guy blushed, quickly pulling the handle back two inches, finally propped wish Sister.

    "Young child, you can Do not sling sister again ripped." Xu Qing beauty landlord see reddening, squinting quips.

    "No ...... is not that what this with believe it ......" Xu Qing blush like a ripe tomato, anxious to find a hole drilled down, only to head down to conceal his embarrassment.

    "Oh! That thing said set, when will I send a PHS to you first, and there was live telephone contact ......" I wish great beauty curses enough, was also somehow pinched what, my heart like the dog days of eating a piece of small pudding, covered all trace of the pores comfortable, and what a sweet smile.

    "Do it! I'm not afford phone bills ......" Xu Qing mind cropped up a tune children, armed with PHS, standing in the rain, left for the right hand, is able to get through.

    "Nothing, Sister give you cushion, make money and then later still wants me." Beauty landlord own little thought to myself, the current economic downturn, but also much less rent, three rental building there are a lot The house was empty, and if more than one can Housekeeping, Paul missing rental business will be booming, we also have a competitive advantage is not it?

    Thought here, looking at the beautiful landlord Xu Qing sturdy physique children music, this physique children than those of dry matter Baji four students much easier, look at this muscle, tut ...... just thought it was a feather boy pinching off the chest, Danfeng unconsciously more fans misty fog layer.

    "This is an honest nose brats empty stomach possession wick Zhu Er, just pinch it almost put my mind at that kind of fire hook up, alas! I this is how ......" beauty landlord quietly wondering heart float nameless emotions, since her husband died young devil has never had this feeling.


Northeast: eight white virtual table, Earthly ugly, Yin, the images of Burgundy;
Southeast: four green virtual table, Earthly Chen, already, the images of Sunda;
Southwest: two black virtual table, not Earthly Branches, Shen, Guaxiang Kun;
Northwest: six white virtual table, Earthly Xu, Hai, Guaxiang dry;
Central: Five yellow solid, ready fixed, fixed, and often, the system of tour operation.
North: a white solid, the Earthly Branches child, images of Canton;
South: nine purple solid, the Earthly afternoon, the images from;
Orient: Three Pitt real, the Earthly d, the images of the earthquake;
West: seven solid red, the Earthly unitary, the images against;

Three hexadecimal:            

  • Zero
  • One
  • Zero with a second
  • One with a Zero
  • One with a One
  • One with a Two
  • Two Zero

The binary:

  • Zero
  • One
  • Ten
  •  Eleven
  • Twenty


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