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China's eleven world is This The Tao

March 14, 2015



I write a bizarre story, and China's Road World adventure of life is related to the curvature of the human perspective name called remote sensing capabilities of the comparison between the strange world of egg Einstein smart too high or not the end of the body, the teeth degree can not be measure the volume of a Universe.

Northeast: eight white virtual table, Earthly ugly, Yin, the images of Burgundy;
Southeast: four green virtual table, Earthly Chen, already, the images of Sunda;
Southwest: two black virtual table, not Earthly Branches, Shen, Guaxiang Kun;
Northwest: six white virtual table, Earthly Xu, Hai, Guaxiang dry;
Central: Five yellow solid, ready fixed, fixed, and often, the system of tour operation.
North: a white solid, the Earthly Branches child, images of Canton;
South: nine purple solid, the Earthly afternoon, the images from;
Orient: Three Pitt real, the Earthly d, the images of the earthquake;
West: seven solid red, the Earthly unitary, the images against;

Three hexadecimal:            

  • Zero
  • One
  • Zero with a second
  • One with a Zero
  • One with a One
  • One with a Two
  • Two Zero

The binary:

  • Zero
  • One
  • Ten
  •  Eleven
  • Twenty


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