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I am a girl who enjoys art, singing, and obviously writing/poetry!
I want to be a scientist or video-game programmer-whichever works out-
btw I'm Soa in discord.
Overall I'm always in the mood for tea! (To help calm down the craziest day)

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July 10, 2019


(by the way the whole book is in Second Point of View!)

??? Pov
‘The sky was dark, you weren’t even sure if there WAS a sky, all around you seemed to be endless darkness. You feel for your blanket to go back to sleep- but you have none. You realize you aren’t even ON a bed anymore! Your bed had vanished. “Huh?!” You yelp confused, You put your hand on your chest trying to calm down taking deep breaths, suddenly a sharp pain goes through you and you collapse.’

You shot up from bed dripping in cold sweat, “oh” you think aloud calming down, your at home. You glance at your clock seeing its five o’clock, your eyes widen, you bolt out of bed and look out your window- and see the beautiful sun almost awake as well. The top of the sky is indigo sprinkled with stars, middle is just almost purple, and at the very bottom is reddish-orange with a small semi-circle in the middle known as the sun. You smile tiredly at the scenery that you have waited for,the beauty last seen five years ago.   
You rub your eyes and walk down the stairs tip-toeing quietly down the stairs, you REALLY don’t feel like waking up the ghosts you  see, their probably tired with dealing with your crap. Apparently you are called ‘crazy’ for this for seeing these poor souls that shouldn't have to put up with you.You boil some water in a pot and quietly and open the cabinet to get a tea bag. “Aw come ON!” You whisper/yell, its like you HAVE TO keep the tea in a safe! Your tea bags fell down a hole in the cabinet and now are stuck behind the stove. You groan and butter some toast and pour some apple juice, jeez, that's pretty much all you have! You REALLY need to go shopping soon. You stuff toast in your mouth and gulp your juice, then you hastily grab your black leather vest and slip on your sneakers, maybe a walk will calm you down.
You walk out of your house locking the door, certainly it IS very chilly! You take a deep breath and run down the road, coming to the bridge. You run into the rails and spot the creek, oysters scatter below you. ‘Crunch, crunch, crunch’ You and spin to see no one, maybe a ghost? You can’t see them in the day anyway, but you can hear them! “Hm?” You hum questioningly, no one answers. You and turn back to the creek.

??? Pov
You wake up and turn your head ‘oh’ you think realizing you’ve fell asleep next to the creek, again. You rub your eyes and something caught your eye. A person? You walk over to him and step on the crunchy fall leaves. He spins his head and glances his head right through you, you're a ghost, he can’t see you. “Hm?” He hums questioningly to.. you? Nah. He turns his attention back to the creek. You turn your head away a little sad and leave the confused boy alone. You go home that's around.. Rice Circle..? Probably. For the rest of the walk you think of the tragedy of being a ghost.
I didn't take long to write this, comment if I should continue, if not I'll stop.


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  • WhiteDSA

    And I might continue, maybe not.. But in the lack of more writer's block... well bye!

    about 12 hours ago
  • WhiteDSA

    Oh yeah, if you can think of a name for the boy it'd be great! As for the ghost I'll keep it hidden!

    9 days ago
  • ajamwal

    Hmm... I will think about the title today, but I think you should continue, not only because you should never give up on your writing, but because I don't understand the end very much and I want to know more to understand it, good luck with your writing!!

    9 days ago
  • Inspiry

    Oh- this is interesting. I don't usually see second-person pieces written on here. I don't know enough about it to critique you, but I enjoyed the story. Second-person is hard to write in. However, I do suggest not capitalizing too many words, because over time it can take away from the story. Happy writing! :)

    9 days ago