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July 1, 2019


Raven placed her flute of champagne onto the glass coffee table and took a long drag from her cigarette before picking up more documents. It was not a brilliant way to spend a Friday night, but she decided if she was already putting up with work shit, she might as well put her body through abuse as well. Her boss, Richard, a name he suited undoubtedly, was being a dick. So now, her sad, 30 year old ass was stuck between the cushions of a shoddy couch she stole from her roommate in- was it 05?- and her apartment was fogged up with chains of smoke. The alcohol was simply there as a way of forgetting the disparity of her boss’ control.
“Raven!?” Just when it couldn’t get anymore bleak, at the door the most obnoxious, little- “Raven- you just moved in, I want to welcome you. And I have beer!”
“And I have a crapload of work to do.”
“Come on.”
Raven inhaled another swig of nicotine and felt herself relax a bit. “Food?”
“The key is under the mat.” She sat up and slipped on some grey, paint-stained pants before he walked through the door. Suddenly a very tall, very lanky man found himself choking on the stench of alcohol, cigarettes and dirty laundry. 
“Welcome to my humble abode.” Raven stuck out her hands rather eccentrically, and presented her studio to him. “Whatcha think?”
“I think you need to clean up around here,” Sam picked up a pile of trashy magazines  next to the door and threw it in the kitchen bin, located a measly 3 steps to the right. His condescension poisoned the atmosphere- Raven could feel it from across the room. “I’m surprised you bagged this on your salary.”
“The old resident died.”
“Nah, but almost.” Raven grinned. How gullible and cute Sam was when her wild speculations worked like this. But that was enough talking and she was hungry.  Raven snatched the box of pizza from his hand and she fell back onto the couch. “So- What brings you here?”
“I felt like ranting... Is that champagne?” He stooped down and poured himself a glass, watching as the bubbles rose into foam. “The occasion?”
“Eh. I felt like it.” Raven scooched over with New York pizza grease dripping down her round face, inviting him to sit down. Sam’s sudden added weight encouraged a cloud of dust to rise from the leather couch cushions, catching the light of Raven’s T.V  in it’s tendrils. “God- life sucks sometimes.”
“What happened to you?”
“Richard....” Raven sighed, feeling an unwelcome heaviness load onto her shoulders. “Richard got dumped by that chick he was cheating on me with. He thinks it’s my fault and now- I just- I just don’t know what to do. I can’t quit, this firm is one of the only one I can find that’ll accept just a high school diploma. But he hurt me, Sam. He hurt me and now that he’s hurting too, he wants to hurt me more and he’s- he’s just-”
“He’s a dick.” Raven laughed a little too hard at Sam’s joke but it gave her the light to wipe away her tears.
“He is,” Sam repeated solemnly, taking hold of her elfin face and captivating her eyes in his deep, brown ones. “You’re allowed to be sad, okay? It sucks that you have to work for him and it sucks that he did that to you. And it’s okay to hate him for it. It’s okay to want to drink champagne and sit around pants-less-“
“Hey! I do have pants on, okay?”
“Not before I arrived.” A cheeky smile grew on his face before once again giving way to seriousness and he dropped his hands from the frame of her face. “And that’s okay to sit around in just bonds underwear when your feeling down. It’s okay to be sad.”
Raven nodded and they sat there in silence for a moment. She often acted sarcastic and arrogant and brash, but that gave way to heartbreak if you dug too far. And Sam was the only one ever bothered to pick up a shovel. It was a nice thought, actually- to know in your soul that at least someone was bothered. And that “someone” mattered more than the no one that broke you in the first place. 
A cigarette habit. An expensive alcoholic indulgence. A new apartment. Crappy informercials playing in the background of your new apartment. These could all help numb the pain, but until you find your bothered “someone”, the hurting won’t dissipate. Not really. 
“You good?”
Raven realised she had been staring at Sam weirdly for longer than what is socially acceptable. After all, spontaneous inner monologues don’t stop the progression of time. 
She chuckled to herself. “Yeah, I’m good... But... Thank you.”
“For what.”
“For being a friend. Even when I had none,” She thought back to the rumours that circled the office after Richard had made a mess of things. “Yeah. You’re a real friend.”
“Well,” Sam took a deep breath in and his eyes cast over with a screen of maturity and wisdom. “I may be a real friend, but I can’t stay your only friend forever, because...”
He paused, leaving Raven in suspense and anticipation and worry. Why couldn’t he stay?
“We will all die eventually.”
She groaned, leaving Sam to snicker to himself. “I though you had cancer or something. What a mood kill. Booooo!”
“Oh boo you.” He snapped. And what followed was a childish fight between middle aged adults, until they settled into talking. And they talked for a long time. Because that’s what friends do- they bitch, they laugh, they cry, they get drunk and wake up with headaches in the morning. And by the end of the night- there were two flutes of champagne dregs left on table.


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  • Kate Livewire

    I love this! Is this part of a bigger work? cuz I would love to see more honestly.

    (P.S. you seem cool so Imma just say if you ever wanna talk you can literally find all my social media by searching Kate Livewire HAHA)

    about 1 year ago