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July 1, 2019


Can you be charged for crimes you committed while legally dead?
Asking for a friend. 
It's probably time,
past time,
we quit the pastimes,
People are dying out there
And I'm watching Netflix.
What's the difference
between me and the dark?
Between you and oblivion?
Us and the Void?
Us and them,
Guess again,
Now and then,
I find myself wondering, wandering around my own home like a stranger,
Using context clues like a third grader
to find the meaning of word.
Can any word be a bad word if you're mean enough?
Asking for a stranger.
It's not like the road to heaven's paved with bad intention
No exceptions,
To ascension
No intentions
Beyond beating boredom
for just a day
Just a minute
Five more minutes
What's the difference between you and your bed?
On good days it's a couple inches,
On bad days a couple less
Sick and stuck or Relaxation
In relation
are the only thing that make us human
The only thing that keeps us
from God
How do I leave behind baggage of the words they use to make up scripture?
Asking for someone who can't forget.
How do I keepy body sacred
while I turn the other cheek?
Can I build relationships
and temples?
When do I honor my father and mother
and when do I let the dead
bury the dead?
I'm not asking for an atheist
I'm asking for me,
Sitting in the dark
But not in the dark
about it,
When will it be time
To make time
Are we out of time?
What’s the answer?
What's the point?
What's the difference
between us and the Void?
I guess
that we have questions.



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