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Set The Elephants Free, A Poem For Animal Lovers All:

June 28, 2019


Description: Hey all, it's yours truly with a brand new poem for you all to read. So sorry I haven't been posting anything lately, but this writer has been plenty busy with a little side project (I'm the revision process with one of my old stories) and you will be pleased to hear I've been spending a couple hours a night reading the Harry Potter book series (that's right folks, I'm getting into the fandom and am on The Chamber Of Secrets). Anyhow, I'm writing a special poem as a response to a nature documentary called Love And Bananas, An Elephant Story, featuring Lek Chalert from the Thailand Elephant Nature Park, in a daring attempt to save the 70 year old elephant Noi Na from a elephant trekking camp. I was horrified to see that circus, zoo, and trekking elephants are brutally put into "crush boxes" where they are savagely beaten with bull hooks and chains for 24 hours or even longer until they submit to do tricks and riding tours. Lek is fighting to save elephants brutally forced into logging and harmed by land mines, but she cannot do it alone. These beautiful creatures are dwindling as we breath and killed for their ivory. We must unite to save them, these gentle giants, these makers of the jungle. So, in that spirit of being an elephant lover, I'm writing a poem to hopefully help in that effort. Please enjoy and do anything you can to save these empathic beings, like not attending circuses. And without further ado...on with the poem!

Rated: K+ (just to keep things safe)

Ever since I was a child,

Elephants were simply great

Roaming in the lush jungle wild

Romping in herds of ten or twenty eight

With flexible trunks and floppy ears

A disposition of the sweetest kind

They always earned my cheers

Forever in my heart and mind

Squirting water in the lake

Trumpeting with all their might

Strong as a mountain, sweet like cake

Elephants are an animal of pure delight

I sleep with a stuffed one

Panilla is his name

By my side until day is done

Making life a happy game

Movies introduced me

Like Dumbo and The Jungle Book

Horton Hears A Who seduced me

Held me on elephants like a hook

But, now I'm horrified

To learn a terrible truth

Elephants suffered and died

Even in the days of my youth

Bull hooks and chains

Beaten into submission 

Forced onto circus trains 

And become zoo admission

Into the crush box they go

Torn away from their mothers

Put with elephants they barely know

Not their sisters and brothers

Such horrors I never knew

Tears come to my eyes

My heart broke in two

I can almost hear their cries

We must all come and unite

And their desperate plea

Save them from their plight

Set the elephants free

Elephants can feel

Emotions sparkle and shine

So powerful and real

One sang Baby Mine

Baby Mine, don't you cry

Baby Mine, dry those eyes

We hear the aches of your heart

Gentle and smart,

Baby of mine

Locked up in cages

Forced to do tricks

Shouted at with rages

Beaten with hooked sticks

How can people be so cruel

To these magnificent creatures?

So kind, amazing, and cool

In all their powers and features

With all the suffering they endure

Logging, land mines, and beatings

Rendered afraid and unsure

No more love and family greetings

Creatures of the jungle

Path makers and fertilizers

Caught up in such a bungle 

By wicked advertisers

No longer can they suffer

Freedom they shall see

Help before it gets tougher

Set the elephants free

Horton once proudly said

And him I shall paraphrase

A special truth that lead

That set my soul ablaze

"We'll just have to save you

Because after all 

Person's a person, no matter how small."

Indeed, elephants are persons

Ones we need to save

Before the situation worsens

We all must be brave

Stop attending circus shows

Making zoos empty and deserted

Boldly fight and oppose 

This abuse so perverted

Donate to organizations

Who love elephants too

Across the seas and nations 

Big hearted through and through

I love elephants with all my heart

Since my childhood, right from the start

A world without them is not worth living

So, come on now, let's start giving

Break all the chains

Unite as a herd

Ease their pains 

With each loving word

Together united

The jungle's where they'll be

I'm proudly delighted

To say "Set the elephants free"

And maybe some day, they will be

Elephant lovers everywhere, unite!!!!! Here's a poem dedicated to saving our long nosed friends!


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