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currently reading "the goldfinch" and trying to learn spanish. if you like what i write, please leave a comment!

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"i wish the world was flat like the old days/then i could travel just by folding a map," - death cab for cutie

lowercase is intentional.

q&a answers

July 9, 2019


recently i published a piece called "q&a because i'm bored" where i asked people to ask me questions in typical q&a fashion. so now i'm, as you probably guessed from the title, answering the questions people asked.

from emmiewriters:
where do you get your inspiration from? everyday activities or just some random spur of the moment that comes up in your head as you think about what to write?

kind of anywhere. i use the notes app on my phone to write down ideas i have or interesting things i see, et cetera, so whenever i'm out of ideas i usually check that. i also get a lot of inspiration from books i read, movies i watch, music i listen to, stuff like that. sometimes it is spur of the moment, though.

are you an aspiring artist? do you do art on a daily basis? i really love your profile picture, i myself love art too :)
thanks! and yes, i am an aspiring artist. i try to practice drawing daily, because, well, that's the best way to improve, and though i still have a long way to go, you would sort of see small improvements as time goes on if you were to flip through my sketchbook.

from juliette jolene:
what is a compliment you've received that you'll never forget?
depends on if it's writing-related or non-writing related. non-writing related... hmm. someone told me a couple of weeks ago that i was the nicest person in their friend circle, i guess. as for writing-related, well. one comment i've received on here that i haven't forgotten was "I’m sorry but are you God? This is actually freaking amazing gosh damn it" from Harlow. also, when writers i admire and aspire to write as well as compliment my writing, like anha or r|A|i|N or others that i can't remember right now, give high praise, i kind of freak out internally.

from samina:
a suggestion you would like to share from your experiences to writers.

oh, let me think about that. there are plenty of little things, but the biggest thing is to listen to criticism, read a lot, and write a lot. generally, consume a lot of different types of media (movies, shows, music, podcasts, books, comic books, short stories, poetry, webcomics, videos, anything), in plenty of genres, and be willing to venture outside of what you normally consume. this will give you inspiration from places you hadn't thought you'd get it from, and you'll open your mind to new things. basically, if you consume good writing, you'll start writing better yourself. as for writing itself, when you start out, you'll almost always suck. and because you don't know how to write well yet, you'll think that you write really well (the reverse is true as well; the better you are, often times the more self-critical you are, because you know what good writing looks like). it doesn't matter, just keep writing, almost every day if you can. do this for a long time, and for a long time you'll still suck, but you'll get better every time you write. time is magic. this goes for learning instruments and learning how to draw too. sorry, i realize this is a block of text, but that's the best advice i have.

how do you increase your writing speed?
like, your typing speed, or the speed that you actually write pieces at? for typing speed, the same as above applies, you just kind of practice. you suck at first. in my case, you really suck, because when i first made an effort to start typing the right way it frustrated me a lot and i was super slow. but give it a few months, and you'll be able to type just fine. like i said: time is magic. as for the speed you actually write pieces at, well, i kinda still suck at that. i feel like it helps, though, to have a vague (or not-so-vague) outline of what the piece will be, the message, where it's headed, et cetera, in your head first, and when you're actually writing, just scribble it all down and don't worry about revising or grammar or whatever. when you're actually done, you can worry about that. i still struggle with that tho so i'm probably not the best person to ask.

from r|A|i|N:
worst song that you also kind of like? let me think. i'm not a pop person generally, but i kind of like "glad you came" by the wanted, tho probably mostly for the memories attached to it. i also listen to some pop-punk/heavy rock stuff that i like, and even if critics and stuff generally say that it's good, i still kinda feel embarrassed about listening to it, or i feel like it actually kinda sucks. nowadays less so, but there's still stuff that i wouldn't request in the car. think, like, blink-182, rise against, my chemical romance (i'm no longer ashamed that i listen to them, but it would still be very awkward listening to them in the car with my parents.)

if you could start a cult around something, what would it be?
it would probably be some sort of music cult. i wish that existed, like a music club at school or something, because most of my friends only listen to music on the surface level, and only know the most famous bands and what's on the radio. they don't listen to albums and stuff. it'd be cool to listen to and discuss albums with other people, and talk about lyric interpretation and give recommendations. or, like, a book club, except we actually read and discuss good books, or talk about why bad books are so bad.

what’s your myers-briggs personality type? (explain)
i'm an intp. i took the test a long while ago tho so maybe it's different now, i don't know. for those that don't know, myers-briggs is a personality test thing, and intp stands for introverted, intuitive, thinking, and processing. my introverted vs extroverted score was almost perfectly split tho, so i'm more of an ambivert. 

from weirdo:
some of your favorite writers on this site?
hmm. i don't want to offend anybody, so if i don't say you, assume i don't know you or i forgot or something. r|A|i|N, anha, she's-got-a-story, ethereal.otherworldly, _blue_, ghostlyglory, Araw, Oscar_Locke, aryelee... that's all i can think of right now. but please please go check out any of the writers i mentioned above, they're all amazing. 

favorite piece you've written?
agh, that's hard because i generally don't like the things i write very much, even if other people say they're good. but i'm kind of proud of "macabre soulmates", "the book i'll never write- one", and "the sea breathes in time to our lungs", i guess?

what's a cliche that you just can't stand? 
anything that's just thinly-veiled sexism. but i especially hate romances where there's absolutely no dynamic between them. like, sure, you can tell they're "madly in love" and devoted to and obsessed with each other, but you never actually see them hang out, or joke around, or just... be friends. like it doesn't even seem like they like each other that much.

current fandoms?
bbc's sherlock (yes, still, even though it's kind of dead after series four), harry potter, a few bandoms (fall out boy, panic! at the disco, my chemical romance, and a few others), welcome to night vale, and... yeah, i think that's it. there are a lot of others things that i'm a fan of, but i wouldn't consider myself in the fandom because i'm not that crazy about them.

from aquila:
what is your favorite book? what is your favorite book series?

i don't think i have one specific favorite book, but i'm a big fan of markus zusak's works (the book thief, bridge of clay) and john green's "turtles all the way down". i also like stephen king's "the eyes of the dragon". as for favorite book series... i don't usually have that much patience, and i don't read a ton of series, so i'm just going to go with harry potter. i feel like there's almost certainly something i'm forgetting.

from Anha:
how did you find this site? why did you stay?

my dad knew that i liked writing, and he found it and signed me up (thanks dad!). idk how he found it tho. i stayed because i had never really gotten feedback or that much encouragement on my writing apart from my irl friends, and it encouraged me to write a lot more.

what's a song that changed your life? (or your music taste)
"time" by pink floyd changed my life. i'd hear it before, but one day i was listening to it in the car, really listening to the lyrics, and this sudden awful existential fear and dread came over me. it sort of sent me spiraling into a mini existential crisis. also, "famous last words" by my chemical romance.

what's something you've always wanted to write, but never had the time, or didn't know how to finish/start it?
i don't really think there's anything, sorry.

from nevaredhp:
what's your favorite song for a rainy day?

"cigarette daydreams" by cage the elephant, or pretty much any radiohead song, or anything from the arctic monkey's "whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not."

do you prefer guitar or flute?
guitar. idk why, i just find myself much more eager to practice and play guitar than flute.

from @PRANAVI_079:
what genres of music do you enjoy?

pretty much anything that falls under the umbrella of "rock" or "alternative". pop-rock, psychedelic rock, some singer-songwriter stuff, heavy rock, punk rock, pop-punk, alternative rock, grunge, some metal, alt-pop, classic rock, classic alternative, you get the point.

what touches you more- the lyrics or the tune?
i would say the lyrics, but it's more a combination of the two. the melody and lyrics sort of have to work together, you know? i can't really listen to music if the lyrics are just awful, even if the tune is fine.

from tushar mandhan:
can you tell us about your experience on an international platform? random question- what if you somehow entered the wizarding world?

i'm not sure i understand the first question? i'm assuming it's referring to write the world, so i'll just say that my experience on write the world has been a mostly pleasurable one. as for the wizarding world question, well, it depends on whether i would be a muggle, or if, in the process of entering the wizarding world, i somehow turned into a wizard.

from blotted Ink with a broken quill:
how many legs do you really have?

i'm not sure, i haven't checked in a while.

from asteria:
what first inspired you to write? what's RainAndSonder's origin story?

i was inspired to write by, i think, a combination of an obsession with wolves, harry potter, and the warriors cats books when i was in, like, first grade. so basically fan-fiction and self-insert wolf stories. the origin of this account, like i said earlier, is that my dad signed me up, and the name is just sort of a random thing that stuck.

what are your favorite lyrics? why do they speak to you?
i don't think i could decide on any one lyric in particular, but usually whenever i find lyrics that i particularly like, i put them in my message from writer thing. death cab for cutie's lyrics tend to be pretty deep, though, especially "what sarah said" and "bixby canyon bridge", and of course pink floyd, radiohead, nirvana, queen's "bohemian rhapsody", the beatles' "across the universe." early panic! at the disco, especially pretty. odd. and fever era. "fake blood" by heart attack man and "i wanna get better" by the bleachers. idk, that's just off the top of my head.

what's a hobby (other than writing) you're interested in?
drawing and playing guitar. calligraphy. i can sort of do photoshop, too. reading is a hobby, right? i'd like to learn how to paint and sculpt.

what's something (or someone) that makes you feel good when you're down?
paradoxically, sad/angry music usually gets me out of it. everclear's "wonderful" and ozzy osbourne's "crazy train" are what i usually go to, but also the killers' "read my mind" and my chemical romance's "famous last words" (or "helena" or "ghost of you", for that matter).

from lovegood_24:  
how do you come up with ideas for writing? does it just hit you? do you draw from your own experiences?
same answer as the first question i answered. inspiration just kinda hits.

from harlow:
answering honestly, how are you?
at this very moment? mostly just worried about what i'm going to make for lunch. other than that, i'm fine, but my moods change so rapidly that it's like the swinging pendulum meme.

thanks to everyone who participated! and sorry this came so late, there were a lot of questions.


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  • Anha

    eww what, no, don't aspire to be like me. you've already surpassed what i can do tenfold. weird additional question i didn't think of until now; why did you change your profile pic?

    3 months ago
  • r|A|i|N

    well answered, duskpelt

    4 months ago
  • weirdo

    Awesome answers

    4 months ago
  • Samina

    Thank you for picking up my question and I will definitely follow your advice.

    4 months ago