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Happy Tears

By: Suri Purefoy

PROMPT: All Talk

"'You know what's happening when it rains?"
"Um, it's raining?"
"Well, yeah. What what's really happening. Do you know?"
"Enlighten me, oh wise one!"
"Nope. You first."
"Fine. When it's raining water is falling from the sky." 
"Now you."
"I think every raindrop is a single tear, shed by an angel."
"And they're all happy tears, because the angels are welcoming someone back home."

Message to Readers

Something that popped into my head when I read the prompt—Let me know what needs fixing!

Peer Review

They are fairly humorous, yet can be very pensive at times.

Feeling almost as if I need to go outside and experience the world rather than sitting here on my computer.

Reviewer Comments

It mixes different tones and goes from light-hearted to a more thoughtful. It makes one think about all of the ordinary things in life that could mean so much more and is wonderfully creative.