June 27, 2019

PROMPT: On Courage

please call me lovely
mama said if they call me lovely my
wrists will grow to fit the bangles Aita left me.
the gold turn turned to rust from the tears
of an armor that was never going to fit in my hands

please call me lovely
my estranged grandmother says that is the 
the only thing that will save me from the discovery
of the damaged dilapidated deranged part of my heart
that developed as my parent's drastic marriage died

please call my lovely
for my words are catastrophically tragic. they bleed metaphors
instead of pet names. when my mother taught me to punch
i do not think she anticipated all the bruises. 
nobody will fall in love with knees like yours
nobody will understand poetry like this

why couldn't you be lovely?

please call me lovely
perhaps in jumpsuits and blazers, I have forgotten how to be
a lovable woman. the words are like buttered toast smooth
and all too simple for his heart to ever accept
a diplomatic daughter he'd never dare to challenge
dad, will you call me lovely?
I'm the daughter you gave up that has somehow shaken the world
mama, will you call me lovely?
I will break your heart and turn the pieces into planets

or maybe businesses

yours truly,

a lovely, badass woman
Please enjoy, follow, and I'd appreciate any feedback at all!


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