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Do You Remember?

June 26, 2019


How many times did I go to bed hungry?
Didn’t have a bed to go to bed knowing my father didn’t love me,
It was hard to sleep with a knife in my back thought you loved me then you turn around and cut me.
Remember when I had to steal cloths for school?
You made little of the situation like a molecule.
I just wanted to be cool.
But instead I got bullied, tried to tell myself it was just April’s fools.
How many years I spent locked up for the crimes you committed.
I understand I had my problems to fix, happened to fix myself while you were looking for your next fix.
Told you I loved you but you just weren’t committed.
Guess my heart was too big you couldn’t fit it.
Addiction runs in my family
So I knew what my destiny would be.
I was locked up in a world surrounded by fiends.
I couldn’t get out, I needed a key,
Till someone broke in and forced me to leave.
I was giving the opportunity to leave that life.
Now I’m on my own but I’m better in this life.
Cause I no longer worried about my next high
With you out of sight is a better life.
When I raise my children I won’t starve them from what they need.
Like you starved me emotionally.
Now I’m scarred for eternity,
But it’s not like I still don’t pray for you at 3 in the morning.
But I will always love you
Just remember everything I do is because of you.
It’s because of you I’m actin brand new.
But without your burden on my shoulders I can wipe my eyebrow and say phew.
Because without you I’m finally cool.


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