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"the audience is only safe when the story isn't about them."

they/them - probably listening to sufjan stevens

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melopoeia + phobia + snapped strings

July 12, 2019


MELOPHOBIA: the  f e a r  of music. bass guitar
with snapped strings hung in a dusty garage,
a summer bleeding out into fall, flannel jackets &
an abandoned sketchbook on a school bench.

> spiders in my head, spiders in my mind <

chilled nights tilting & witching hours beaten. family
reunions. reunions with monsters
under the bed. reunions with monsters
across the street. voices
of a house party you're supposed to be at
drifting through the door
on a shy evening.

ten thousand people stand alone now <

and there's old journals,
dust-kissed; half-written lines lost.
faces once familiar, people
once perfect, and crumpled sheet music
and old journals
and how has this been forgotten already?

i lost my halo <

rain dancing across melancholy sidewalks,
doe eyes & white flags & daily
eternities. piano-punctured hearts.
and an old journal and
monsters under the bed and a
bass guitar with snapped strings hung
in a dusty garage. MELOPHOBIA: the fear of music.

if you can find a reason to stay
standing in the pouring rain <

i also wrote this one on a plane, and it was a bit more experimental, because i was trying to build off of another artist's work. like, put my interpretation into words. this is purely inspired by cage the elephant's album melophobia, which is what i was listening to while i wrote it on the plane and while i revised it just now. it's a fantastic album, i definitely recommend it, and they get all the credit for the lyrics i included here, which are the parts that are italicized. the songs that they're from, in order: "spiderhead", "come a little closer", "halo", and lastly, "cigarette daydreams", which is one of my favorite songs ever. again, listen to melophobia, credit to the band cage the elephants for the lyrics and inspiration for this, and please comment if you enjoyed; likes say nothing!


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  • nevaredhp

    I love how the music inspired you to write a piece all your own. I think you incorporated the lyrics well throughout, and now I feel like writing music of my own before the ukulele strings snap :) beautiful piece here

    over 1 year ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Enticing images. The line 'a summer bleeding out into fall' is beautiful and unique. =) God bless!

    over 1 year ago
  • rainandsonder

    @Alix Ravyn: thanks! i'm not sure there's necessarily a one true meaning to it; as i was listening to the album, i just wrote down what came to mind, the vibes and feelings and pieces of imagery i got from it, and it sort of formed its own sort of story in that way? but there are overarching themes about getting older, the magic and creativity you had as a kid sort of slipping away as you're forced to get more involved in social circles and schoolwork, hence the kind of melancholy mood and the themes of the journal and the guitar and the monsters under the bed being "abandoned" or put in a "dusty garage", but there's also sort of the narrator questioning why it has to be like that in the last two stanzas. i hope that kind of elaborated on it? thanks for the comment!

    over 1 year ago
  • rainandsonder

    @rain: haha yeah, maybe i should've put that at the beginning.
    @loveletterstosappho thanks for the comment! i feel like the letter-spacing thing has become kind of overused, as people are just kind of using it because they think it'll make their piece look more aesthetic and not thinking about where it would actually make sense to put it, but i like it in some instances. it's kind of both the way it looks and how i pronounce them in my head for the "&" vs "and" thing, idk. thanks for the comment!

    over 1 year ago
  • loveletterstosappho

    i generally hate putting spaces between the letters of a word unless it's in casual texting and i still don't necessarily like it here but at the same time it does fit? that's just a me thing though and i very much like everything else. i wonder, though, why you chose to use & for some of the 'and's but not all of them? is it for the way it looks or do you also pronounce & differently from 'and' in your head, or is it something else entirely?

    over 1 year ago
  • Calling4Rain

    I'm terrible at feedback, but I really loved this piece! The imagery is amazing. Iv'e read it multiple times, and the true meaning still escapes me. I have ideas about what it means, but It'd be cool to hear your intentions? Or not! Lovely writing regardless!

    over 1 year ago
  • r|A|i|N

    i was about to say, cage the elephant much?

    over 1 year ago