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How do I...?

April 4, 2016



So you want to be a poet?
That sure is tough, mind you.
It’s good to try, but hard to write.
So leave the problems for me to go through.

"How do I write a poem?
It's hard to make words rhyme.
I think so slowly,
I'll lose nothing but time.

How do I think of a poem?
I have to make it sound nice here.
Maybe I could add this…?
Nah. I’m not Shakespeare.

How can I read a poem?
Some having chunks of words.
Some having font sizes too tiny,
so just squint your eyes until they hurt.

How do I understand a poem?
Because they use idioms or words
that I do not know.
Because some poems use foreign languages,
like this french word: tableaux."

Poems are like voices,
expressing one's variety of choices.
You can't hear it,
but you can feel it;
and now's not the time to write one, so rejoice!


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