Not much to say about me. I'm in grade 9, love to write (fantasy and short stories in paticular). I'm learning French and very passionate about that. I would love for my french level to reach the point I could start writing stories in French!

Message to Readers

Poetry is not my thing, not by a longshot, but this prompt meant too much to me to pass it up. Stay strongto everyone struggling with their sexuality, it will get easier. I'm bisexual and proud of it, and I hope that one day everyone can be proud of who they are no matter who they turn out to be. As always any and all feedback is more than welcome.

The Best of Both Worlds

June 25, 2019

PROMPT: On Courage

They call it a phase, say I'm seeking attention,
Maybe it is, but I trust true with my affection,
For that girl over there making me feel,
For that guy who makes the world real,
For everyone that takes the pain away,
Should I be shamed for feeling that way?

I thank the people who fought before me,
The ones who made it possible for today to be,
People who have shown courage,
The children braver than their age,
I hope I will follow their example,
Making support and love ample. 


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  • Harlow

    You are also an AMAZING writer. This poem really made me feel something. I love it. Keep writing!

    over 1 year ago