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June 25, 2019

PROMPT: On Courage

Playing hide and seek when I was young
always sparked the question:
Where do I run?
Where do I tuck myself away?
Where do I go to play?

Reading Narnia led me to believe
that there was a world away from home
In. The. Closet
The irony? Yeah, that's my favourite place to be

well not really, I reveal myself for some
That first time unveiling my hiding place
wasn't as scary as I thought
Although that person shared the same hiding spot.

Courage is a delicate thing -
you can be too brave, or not brave enough
Am I a coward if I don't come out? - don't be stupid
You aren't a coward, that's absurd

You don't need everyone to know
Just don't be afraid to tell one or two
Courage is a strong thing
It can change your life

keep you safe from danger in all situations
Reveal a truth that saves someone's life
or even just make you a little bit happier.

Back into the closet
 well not really
And I waited to be found
Built the courage to hide again if needed
Built the courage to reveal my secret.


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1 Comment
  • Vin

    This is beautiful. It perfectly encapsulates that being in the closet is hard, but it doesn't invalidate your identity. You are who you are, no matter who you tell. Happy Pride

    7 months ago