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Broken Stars

June 26, 2019


I don't believe in God, or supernatural beings,
or every day's afresh and we start again from our beginnings
each morning, when we rise from our beds
because one day you'll be judged for the
things inside your head.
And I don't mean in Heaven
or the magistrates of Hell,
and you can say what you like 
but if the things that you tell
were written on your skin
Would you still be beautiful?

Because the child that's rejected 
will return strong 
and when you see the fire in their eyes,
you will believe you were wrong,
 And when they burn down the village
from where they were thrown out of
they will smile to feel the warmth 
of the fiery dreams that you doubted

Because if you break the fragile child
that was so easy to crack
you don't know what they're capable of 
they will return back
from the ashes 
like a phoenix in the fire 
because they want to for fill
that one desire
to be human once more 
and to be treated the same
because last time i checked 
broken stars still shine the same.


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  • Sabine of the Galaxy

    The second to last stanza is amazing. I also love the rhyme scheme. Keep writing!

    8 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    nice! i like the rhyme scheme here, and that last line is just, wow! fantastic work!

    10 months ago