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the mask(s) of snakeskin and ballads

June 24, 2019



One, two, three.

It’s like a dance.

One, two, three.

An elaborate ploy to wrap them around your fingers.

One, two, three.

And, God, does it work.

You smile, polite and proper. You curtsy, delicately place your hand in theirs, and the dance begins. They lead, and you follow with ease, first playing to their tune. No mistakes, no missteps, or the dance is unsuccessful. While you dance around the ballroom, you talk, and laugh, and murmur in their ear.

Everything you do is planned.

Planned to perfection.

You thank them for the dance, still giggling with your “partner.”

Could you be any more fake, dancer?

The second song begins, and it's at a faster pace.

It’s your style.

You tap their shoulder, smile, and they understand.

You sink your fangs in when they don’t realize it.

You take the lead.

And the puppet’s strings are yours.

After that, you toss them aside.
And it’s not like they care much.
It’s not like they know much.

You curtsy again, thank them for the dance, then move on to a different partner. There’s no malice in your words, no change in the tone of your voice. They simply understand that it’s time to change partners, and the game begins again.

You discard your mask.

And don another.

One more new, with a brighter sheen.
It catches your new partner’s attention.

It melds into your skin. You never get tired of the feeling of the masks clicking like the missing piece of a puzzle. Like they were designed for your face, and yours alone.
Like the snake you are.

For this puppet, you’re more dominant. You bow, take their hand in yours, kissing their knuckle.

It works like a charm.

For those who don’t realize it, your mask is completely invisible. Those who fall for you trap never realize it was a trap in the first place. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of how many different masks you have for every individual you’ve charmed, but the snake skin will always be your favorite part of the masks.

Scales. Colors bland or bold, Bright or dull.

You are all of them.
But to your prey, you are none of them.

You can tell when one knows about your mask. They glare at you with contempt and disgust, their eyes building a barrier around themselves.

They're immune to you, but it doesn't matter in the slightest.

It doesn't stop you from tricking the more innocent puppets in the ballroom.

You’re just here to enjoy the company.

To laugh, and flirt, and tease, and slip out of their grasp when they want you too much.

To live without a mask or two or a dozen is boring.

A mask-wearer, born and raised.
A dancer, blind and crazed.

With your masks and your music, you are unstoppable.
based off of the Mask series that upsidownpenguin is doing.


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  • June 24, 2019 - 12:32am (Now Viewing)

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  • Ursa


    I love this so much. It's twisted, dark, and beautifully depicting a scene of misleads and lies.
    "A mask-wearer, born and raised.
    A dancer, blind and crazed. "
    The timing for that rhyme couldn't have been better placed. It's poetic, yet heavy and conclusive. It captures the whole piece.

    The first line of this is a quote, but I don't know who said it. I added the last bits.

    "The world is a stage, and everyone wears a mask. Some people only wear one mask, some people don't know that they wear a mask, and some people have so many masks that they have forgotten what they wear underneath."

    9 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    i haven't read the series this is based off of, but i thought this piece was wonderful! i especially liked the description of the masks, the way you bring the dances to life, the build-up of suspense and then the line "You sink your fangs in when they don't realize it", so simple and yet changes the direction of the narrative in the reader's mind. great work!

    9 months ago
  • timtam.9

    This was so entertaining and yet chilling. Your descriptions were so clear and detailed- I could picture it all in front of me. Well done.

    9 months ago