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Message to Readers

Feel free to make your own Masks stories, I would just appreciate acknowledgement of where you got the idea from. Use the #Masks if you want an easier way for people to find the different stories

Masks. What Kinds do You See?

July 4, 2019


So as some of you may know I recently started writing a series called Masks.
I really like this idea and will probably continue writing many of them.
But I want to read the kinds of masks you've seen people wear.
These masks are not literal, but rather figurative representations of mental disorders and hardship.

This isn't a contest, just a game to play.
If you feel so inclined, write your own mask story! I think that'd be rad.

Here's how I usually title my Mask stories:
The Mask of ___ and ___  ___

The writing style is a little strange
-Short paragraphs, sometimes only a few words.
-Important or sarcastic comments are italicized.
-Very important comments are BOLDED, CAPS AND ITALICIZED

If you want to, go ahead and forgo any of these parameters and be creative. Just be careful with how dark you can get. These Masks are not meant to be good things, but if you want to make a good mask then I encourage you all the same.


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