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I’m a high school student who loves writing and is always looking to improve. Creative writing is a challenge for me because it is always about exploring myself, my peers, and the world around me. I hope to create myself through my words and actions.

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Feel the words, see the words, and most of all dream the words. We are our language. Every type of media embraces our creativity and expressionism, so find a place to fit yours. I’ll be doing the same.
I might not have much right to offer advice, but I believe no effort is too little, especially as an artist. A friend once taught me that passion drives us, and only by listening to our passions do we thrive. So write, or express, and share it with me when you do. Best of luck.

Solace Sonnet

June 23, 2019


I’m holding metal bars above the tracks
They seize, shuddering, in my fragile palms
On this so dreadful precipice of acts
I hover, watching dust settle my qualms
For shall I lie where litter makes its home?
Where cigarettes and pamphlets gather near?
Where shadows flit, tangible? Those who roam
To parts like these seek solace from their fear.
What fear have I but rest upon the rails?
Am I, in truth, now desperate enough?
No, no. I still can live with all my fails,
I’ll hang on bridges over trains, a bluff.
Cruel scales of justice, grace me not,
But I won’t jump to end my mind’s onslaught.


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  • nezi_nes

    I love the use of rhetorical questions to characterise and develop the poem. Also there's a hint of Romanticism in the style!

    over 1 year ago