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I hope you can see this short message and give me some advice about grammar errors or native expression. Thank you for your reading.

The First Day

March 14, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


This is the first time I enter the Write The World, and I don' t know what to write and how to use this website, maybe like a  blog? Well, I need to take two tests this year, TOEFL and GRE,  and I wish me a good luck.I really hope to study in North America. 

As say this, I remembered the call with my mother yesterday. I come from a needy family and my mother worked hard to support my attending school, I thought by no means does she agree me to study abroad. However, when I talked to her my thoughts yesterday, she said she takes side with me and would always give me her assisst. This really impresses me a lot. Therefore, I swear to study harder and give back to my mother. She is definitely tired because of me.  


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