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Emma Sue

United States

Aspiring journalist and author. Always looking for critique and friendships.

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Don't fear failure. Without fault we could never become strong built writers. It takes time and reworking to create a masterpiece.

Coffee House

April 4, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

It's cold out here. Please, come inside.
I'd rather die.
Please, you are making a fool of yourself.
All she did was sit there. She didn't stand up or leave.
I know. That was her choice, but here you are doing exactly what she did.
Why didn't anyone tell me.
Do you really want to know?
Did I hesitate?
Fine. We were worried about what it might do to you.
Yes, but 20 years later I would handle it just fine.
Don't give me your sarcasm. Please, come inside. It's beginning to rain.
If I had known I once had a sister-
What? If you had known that you had a sister what would you have done?
I don't know.
Come inside. 
I would rather die here standing for what I believe in, like my sister had once done, than go inside ever again.
Do you want to know the truth?
That is all I have ever wanted!
Your sister died standing here thinking she was doing something amazing.
She was.
No. Aaron, she wasn't. With all of the life she gave up protecting one man she could have saved thousands.
How? Mom, how could she have ever done that?
She stood up for a drug dealer. She stood up for a man so drunk out of his mind he was long gone anyways.
Dad was a drunk.
He may have been, but he still had a family there to care for him. The man who died with your sister had no living family or relatives.
Nobody ever gave him a chance!
He was dying already! Do you see these blue lights flashing all around us?! Do you want to be in a body bag in a morgue?!
Do you want to go this way?! They will shoot! You are protecting one woman! They will kill her too! Let them take her in!
You still haven't explained how my sister could have done more.
Aaron. If it was the homeless she wanted to protect, she should have held fundraisers or worked in a soup kitchen.
That has done nothing so far.
She could have been the one who made a difference.
That's what she was trying to do protecting that homeless man from the police. They were going to kill him if he didn't move off that bench.
They did Aaron. They did kill him and they will kill again. They don't want to, but you aren't giving them a choice. 
Just let them take her in! I loved your sister and I love you and I am not going to let another one of you break my heart!
Tell me one thing.
When is enough ever going to be enough?
Aaron, I know. Come with me, back inside the coffee shop. Let them do what they have to.
Okay. I love you-
AARON! NO! NO! DON"T SHOOT AT HIM! Aaron! Aaron...
Mom... take me to the hospital.
We're going honey. It's okay it doesn't look bad. They took down the woman though. We will get you to the hospital.
Yes honey?
Can you grab my coffee first?
I've had them next to me this whole time. Why did you order three? WHERE IS THIS MEDICAL TEAM?!
One was for that woman. If I had never come out to her she would still be alive...
Aaron don't look at it like that.
We live in a world where homeless people are unheard of so when they are pointed out they go to jail or die.
I know honey. No one ever expected the world to be this way.
I should never have gotten her that coffee.
Aaron, it's okay. I love you. Aaron? AARON!!



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