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The King's Cause Prologue

November 9, 2019


"Can we play hide and seek, Mama?" Sabrina asked. The little four-year-old was desperate to get her mother's attention, even for a moment.
The mother glanced down. "Oh, darling,” she said sadly. “We can't play. We have to leave. The soldiers are coming." 
A loud sharp knock erupted from the rough wooden door. "You can't hide Leona! If you don't let me in, I'll let myself in. And we both know how that's going to end!"
She knew that voice. It haunted her night after night, day after day. He had arrived to take her away. When she spoke, her voice broke and her eyes welled up, knowing she had failed in her promise to protect her family. "You stole from me, William. You took my sister and home. I should have taken control long ago. I... I don't want you near my baby girl. Take me but leave her alone." 
She took a breath to say more. She was stopped when the door came crashing down. The loud crash scared the young girl, and she started to cry. Her mother moved to pick Sabrina up and comfort her, but a thickly muscled man came up behind her and grabbed her arms and held them to her back. She shrieked and struggled against the man, but he was much bigger and stronger than her. She yelled, “Zebnw,” and the man’s grip loosened as her hands were made slick by the spell. Before she could get completely out of his grasp, though, he dug his fingers into her skin and held on. Blood began to pour onto her hands and drop to the floor.
A soldier made a move toward the child, but the mother screamed for him to stop. Her anguished cries stopped the man in his steps. “Please,” she screamed. “Please.”
The man holding Leona pulled her tight against him and dug his fingers in further, saying in a rough, emotionless voice, "Leave her alone. For now."  Leaning down toward the mother, he whispered in her ear, "Stop your insistent screaming. I won't hesitate to hurt the girl if you don't behave yourself, Leona." 
She stopped her screaming and pleading but she still struggled. They couldn’t do this to her. She had to protect her daughter. The girl’s father would be home any minute. If her daughter stayed here, she would be safe with her father. With those thoughts, she stilled and allowed herself to be led out to the group of soldiers and horses. She was tied to a saddle and the muscular man climbed up to sit behind her. The mother looked back at Sabrina. Her beautiful baby girl. The man followed her gaze. He watched the little girl for several minutes as she screamed and cried, not understanding what was happening. 
"Throw her in the orphanage," he yelled at the smallest soldier of the group, a small man with a thin face. 
“No!” Leona screamed. “No, please, no.” She began to struggle anew and she twisted and pulled against the man.
The soldier reached down and took the girl in his arms, riding off in the opposite direction the rest of the group was heading.     
The woman stilled and turned to glare at the man behind her. In a formidable tone, she whispered, "I will never forgive you for this." Her daughter. Her precious baby.
"You don't have to. Just do as I say and no one gets hurt," the man replied in a calm voice, confident now that he was in control. His calm infuriated the woman and she snarled.
    “Don’t sound so certain of your reign,” she said. “Reena and I will still fight you.”
    The man shrugged, as if he could care less. “And more people will die for your arrogance.”
    The woman snarled again. She would fight back for her daughter. For her sister. For every thing he had taken from her.
Zebnw means to make slick or to slicken in the old language.


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    Okay. That sounds really good. I will email you as soon as I can.

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    In response to your comment on my piece, my story is about a school shooting. I don't want to spoil it, but one of the characters suffers PTSD and the others meet up with him to help him overcome it. Its not too long so hopefully it won't interfere with your schedule too much. :)

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