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Hey , I am a girl who is in love with books and chocolate
When things seem impossible, try
I hope my poems bring you as much comfort as they bring me
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breathe... when the ache doesn't leave ignore, when the knot in your throat becomes permanent unknot it, when the stumble in your walk never stops right it yourself, and when nothing works know there is a book for everything and anything, you just need to find it

At Night

June 20, 2019


Unfinished cigarettes lying in dark alleyways
colorful birds caressed by the shining moonlight
sunken treasures glistening deep beneath the ocean
little girls and boys clutching onto their beloved toys
sandals crashing onto the concrete
prey running from the predators that emerge in the night
candles flickering, dying 
tears drop from one's eyes 
like a single pin doping from 100 feet 
but heard a mile away 
a heart beats after the one it can't have 
a baby boy born filling the room with life and joy 
a little girl follows the crowd 
hoping to be good enough to get accepted
 a hushed conversation takes place behind closed doors
promises made 
and promises broken 



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