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Just a quick prompt, I wanted to change it up from the original a bit.

Narrative in numbers - her last plan

June 19, 2019


0 was the beginning of the plan, the first thought, a spark in their minds...
1-ce upon a time, when the night was cold and the moon was high, 
2 people were running in the forest, the wind in their hair and their eyes watering from the mist. 
3 days they had been traveling, away from a broken family where one of them had been in 
4 different households, she couldn't take it anymore and decided to flee alongside her 
5-th friend, together they planned their escape, to a far distance for 
6 months they created their idea, planning with posters, saving or stealing money. This time was their 
7th try, except it was different this time, this time they were only 
8 minutes away from the exit, the big exit plan. They took a break, only three minutes to go when they saw
9 flashing lights, searching for them. They ran, two minutes to go, losing their breath watching, suddenly she trips and the light shines upon her. Her only friend, panicked, turns back for her but, the shining lights continue as the search party takes them back. 


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