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This is a character I have saved up for multiple story ideas, but haven't written much about yet. I'd like any feedback you'd be willing to give, but this piece is mainly a descriptive paragraph about her — I'm not planning on expanding it into a story, just using it to spark ideas. Thanks!


April 4, 2016

PROMPT: Quartet

She tied her hair in a messy half-pony, penned important notes and senseless doodles alike on her hand, laced her converse up the wrong way, and always painted her nails an electric blue, never letting them chip. It was her seemingly ambivalent attitude toward her appearance, exemplified in the former tendencies of hers, that made her obsession with perfect, strikingly blue nails so bizarre. Yet nearly every night, she could be found sitting on the edge of the bathtub, touching up her self-painted mani-pedi with a patience she didn't have for anything else. Her blue nails were the one constant in her life of acting on whims and chasing fantasies, never showing any real direction or desire to stick anything through until the end. Evidence of this littered her room — an abandoned guitar was propped in a corner, out of tune and thickly layered with dust; a forgotten easel stood in another, displaying a half-finished painting, no less — the artist's palette had never even been washed and its paints had long since dried; in a third corner, a mannequin proudly wore a garment that looked finished at first glance, but was not lined and had never been fully hemmed. Her artistic whims had cost a pretty penny, but her parents indulged her, as they couldn't find anything she enjoyed more than teaching herself a new talent, however briefly. Her grades were mediocre — she did assignments she enjoyed and skipped those she didn't. She loved to cook but couldn't wait for water to boil, much less follow a recipe. She sang well, but she couldn't be bothered to follow any known tune — she preferred to make songs and melodies up as she went, never singing the same line twice. Eve was, in short, a mess — a beautiful, bubbly, charming mess. And I was completely in love with her.


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