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Hey ! I love writing, I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m learning along the way, so I guess that’s reflected in stuff I write ! Hope you enjoy and thank you for reading ;-)

“There is no friend as loyal as a book” - Ernest Hemingway.

Looking Through Alaska

June 18, 2019


People might think they see the real me,
dark lips, wispy hair, as sweet as could be.
Tall and willowy, enviable they say,
Eyes that shine brightly all through the day.
I was funny, smart, happy and free,
that’s who they thought was the real me.
But this facade shredded for him,
he saw past my pretty eyes and cheesy grin.
This tall, lanky boy, with floppy blonde hair,
made me feel like I was walking on air.
He was sweet, naive, and he made me laugh,
but he didn’t know about my past, 
about the loss that broke my soul,
but he wrapped me up and made me feel whole.
The drink, the smokes, and the lust helped numb the pain,
but my feelings to him, I could never explain.
Why we never got together, 
was my boyfriend back home, who I said I’d love forever.
Then one kiss, on a forgotten day,
turned tragic from a daisy chain.
I’d been drunk but then I was driving,
and at my final destination I found myself arriving.
Nobody knows what happened that day,
he tried to figure it out, but I was gone, I couldn’t say.
I forgot about her, but he never forgot about me,
I guess that’s the way things were supposed to be,
he loved me but then he lost me.
This is inspired by @JannaBrown ‘s poem challenge ! It’s about Alaska Young from ‘Looking for  Alaska’ by John Green. I love this book because it’s quite different and pretty funny, and I think Alaska Young has an air of mystery about her that’s quite sad, she was captivating, but no one ever saw through everything she put one. Thanks for reading !


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  • Ellabellabluebell

    Thank you so much :-) ! You should definitely read it, it sticks with you !

    6 months ago
  • Janna Brown

    This is great! This sounds like a really interesting book, let alone a really interesting character!

    6 months ago