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Poet. Medievalist. Fantasy writer.

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You'll end up as a story. Make sure it's a good one.

A Forest Walk

April 2, 2016

PROMPT: Time Traveler

As I walked through the forest, the trees seemed to shrink,
And the mist seemed to thicken.
I heard a twig snap underfoot
And my pace began to thicken.

The mist cleared away and I saw the sun
Burning bright for all to see.
I watched as the river flowed backwards
Uphill, away from the sea.

It occurred to me then, that I hadn't taken
I single step in the forwards direction.
I two had been walking against the time,
The past flickered by, without my detection.

I wandered on, I wandered far
Until the mist swirled 'round my feet
Again, and I went forwards, to home
Watching time pass, taking a seat

On a crag, that by the time I was back,
Simply no longer stood.
And there, I was, at present again,
In my lonely wood.


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