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By: Maggie Mills

PROMPT: All Talk

"Where are we going?"
"Oh... Away from where?"
"But Daddy's at home."
"I know, honey.  Read your book."
"Okay... Mom?"
"Why are we going away from home if that's where Daddy is?"
"I'll tell you when you're older."
"How soon is older?"
"Not soon, Franky, not soon."
"Okay... Mom?"
"Yes, Franky?"
"I think we should go back.  My, uh, favorite dinosaur is under my bed."
"Franky, isn't that your dinosaur right there? In your lap?"
"This is my second favorite dinosaur."
"Franky, I told you to put all of your toys in the box, remember?  I'm sorry, Franky, we can't go back.  I'll get you another dinosaur, I promise."
"Mom, you can't just replace a dinosaur."
"Franky, I'm sorry, but I can't do anything about your dinosaur now!  I can't really do anything at all."
"Okay... Mom?"
"You can stop crying.  This is my favorite dinosaur, right here.  I actually do have it, so we don't have to go home."
"Good... Franky?"
"Yes, Mommy?"
"I love you.  You know that right?"
"Yes Mom.  I love you too."   

Peer Review

I would describe Franky, the little boy, as smart, especially for his age and his mother as being not a straight forward woman.

I am left with a sad feeling after reading this story because I don't think that Franky knows what's going on and what his future is going to be like.

Reviewer Comments

I like how the story didn't flat out explain what was happening to the mother and the father, but it is sad that the little boy doesn't understand.