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I’m a high school student who loves writing and is always looking to improve. Creative writing is a challenge for me because it is always about exploring myself, my peers, and the world around me. I hope to create myself through my words and actions.

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Feel the words, see the words, and most of all dream the words. We are our language. Every type of media embraces our creativity and expressionism, so find a place to fit yours. I’ll be doing the same.
I might not have much right to offer advice, but I believe no effort is too little, especially as an artist. A friend once taught me that passion drives us, and only by listening to our passions do we thrive. So write, or express, and share it with me when you do. Best of luck.

Sails, Unfurled.

June 17, 2019

PROMPT: Water Body

northern, southern, eastern, western coasts,
and each the quest from eve towards morn.
forbidden reveries of beauty in a vast liquid wyrm;
the sea, of more than four directions and faces.

there is a calm to soft things:
gentle tides rinsing seaside feet,
dark corals flowing in the muted reefs,
and candy-cane lighthouses weathering gradually away, in fortitude.
still there is a hate in the waters.
great pitching, sloshing decks careening to the deep;
flooded fits of Poseidon, and his lover the night.
the waters’ fights,
reflective of us until we breach its glossed shell.
men on the shoulders of sharks,
diving cavalries.
and the mind always gives before the body.


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