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June 17, 2019

PROMPT: On Courage

Don’t you dare question him
For he writes our history,
Don’t you dare outshine him
For he deserves the glory.
Don’t you dare ask for fidelity
He’s allowed to have limitless concubines,
Don’t you dare question the natural order of things
(Especially if you’re his second wife.)
These were the norms of Chinese society
Unquestioningly accepted by many,
The expectation of docility categorically countered defiance
Even if it bred imbalance and submission.  

But cultural revolution of sorts,
Emerged as women and men banded together,
Brandishing their pitchforks in unapologetic confrontation,
Liberated and no longer smothered;

“No to foot-binding, no to the patriarchy!”
They shouted with crimson faces on the streets,
As they attempted to divert from
What was once believed to be the yellow brick road to a harmonious society.
Years later,
It must be conceded that we are still from equality.
The floodgates have been drawn open:

For women now have the right
To demand for glory, fidelity and more,
For women have bid farewell to expectations
Of submission and suppression.
For women are now able to earn their rice bowl,
Rather than merely serving it.



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