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I'm Kayla; a YA who loves to read & write MG Fiction.
I Live for Jesus cause he Died for Me.
I love A LOT of things so lets not get into that...
Homeschooled. Eldest Girl. One Brother. Three Dogs. Two Cats. Actually a Unicorn.

Message to Readers

So, I wrote this like, forever ago? I honestly don’t remember, but I found it and saw it was never completed, so I finished it up and realized that it’s actually not too bad! :)
I hope you guys like this short and sweet piece!!
All likes, comments, and reviews are really appreciated!! <3

A True Friendship

June 17, 2019


It was a cool summer night when The Elements got together to tell the stories of their efforts in the world.
Air told of their masterful works of art in the clouds, their laughter like wind chimes in the breeze.  
Water recalled the great heights they reached with the waves, their head swaying gently to an unknown rhythm.
Fire mentioned of the light and warmth the sun had provided, their body dancing to a song only they knew. 
Earth recounted the growth of the land over the years, their eyes sparkling like a precious gem.
It was nights like these The Elements lived for. 
Nights where the differences among them never broke their friendship, but instead helped make it stronger.


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  • Kthrasher5

    Thank you!! @Juliana

    10 months ago
  • Juliana

    This is beautiful!

    10 months ago