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the fourth sunday last june

June 16, 2019

PROMPT: Micro Memoir

Just a week before, I'd have killed to be anywhere else. Now I'd kill to stay forever. 

The kitchen table is covered with food combinations I've never seen, and surrounded by people I feel like I've known my entire life. The conversation is nothing special; coyotes, fires, the weather back home. For once, time moves by at just the right pace. And it feels so vivid, as if we've somehow found ourselves in a Rembrandt painting or a well thought-out storybook illustration. I can take in every word, every laugh, every flavor in every sip of coffee. You don't say much, but I can read past your eyes that you feel the same.

But eventually real life catches up again. I step out of the house and into the street. I fight a happy cry even before I turn around to see you standing there to see me off. I raise my right hand and wave goodbye as if I'm the queen. You squint in the late afternoon light for a moment before a wide, goofy grin creeps up from the corners of your mouth. And you wave back, eyes glittering and face beaming. I can still faintly hear your laugh even as I face the street again. You don't see the tears sliding past my still genuinely smiling cheeks and to my neck. My taxi pulls away a little too quickly.

Just a week before, I'd have killed to be anywhere else. Now I'd kill to stay forever.


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