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"Always chase after your dreams even if distress is along that path. Never stop dreaming, always believe in yourself and your dreams will come true," -El1678.

No matter what happens in life, you always have someone that looks out for you. They will help you chase your dreams. Ignore the ones that say you can't do it. Because you can. If you believe the beauty that rests inside yourself, you will achieve the greatness of your dreams. And remember, never stop trying no matter what happens along the way.


June 17, 2019

PROMPT: Water Body

My fingers brush against the salty water of the rockpool
A flash of silver catches my eye as small fish swim away
I watch as circles move away from my crusty fingers
A sapphire blue wave hits the aqua-marine ocean
It heaves sand from the bottom and thrashes it around
Foam bursts from the wave, followed by circles
As pain hits my body I grab a ball of muddy sand
I throw it and it sails through the dull grey sky towards the ocean
with a massive splash, it sends water into the air and circles skipping away
Rain starts pounding on the salty water
Sending more droplets into the cloudy sky
Circles stud across the ocean, intercepting each other

I feel my heart slow and my sickness wrack my body
I lose my balance and plummet to the ocean from the jagged rocks
My body hits the water and then starts to sink
Sharp pain crawls up my skin as my lungs scream for air
I feel my mouth open to the tangy salt of the sea
I feel my life slip away from my body
And before my end, I see something in my blurred vision
Circles dancing on the surface

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