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"Always chase after your dreams even if distress is along that path. Never stop dreaming, always believe in yourself and your dreams will come true," -El1678.

No matter what happens in life, you always have someone that looks out for you. They will help you chase your dreams. Ignore the ones that say you can't do it. Because you can. If you believe the beauty that rests inside yourself, you will achieve the greatness of your dreams. And remember, never stop trying no matter what happens along the way.


June 15, 2019

Gisabell felt her heart pounding in her chest like it was trying to escape from her body. Blood roared in her ears like a wild lion. She breathed in deeply moving backward, towards the cliff. The wind whipped at her blood-soaked skin, her cuts stingingly painful like being burned alive by fire. In front of her was him. He had grey lifeless eyes that saw nothing. He wore a black waistcoat with a white shirt underneath and a black hat that covered most of his forehead. He had chapped pinkish lips and a visible scar across his mouth.  His fingers had been chopped off and replaced by metal ones that moved freakishly like real fingers. An eerie silence filled the air between them. Then Gisabell spoke in a small croaky voice.  
“You don’t have to do this Harthor.” He gave a cruel, evil laugh that echoed in Gisabell’s ears.
“Oh I will,” Harthor laughed again. “I will give you the pain your grandfather gave to me and my father.” Harthor drew out a long silver knife, the tip stained with blood. Robinson blood. The blade was so sharp that it could cut right through you with one slice. And she knew that because it had happened to her father. The sun’s last rays of light illuminated the blade as it sped down towards her. She dodged and stepped back, her shoes at the edge of the cliff. Harthor laughed again, his sightless eyes filled with determination.  He lifted the blade and then it came down and stabbed Gisabell in the heart. Gisabell felt herself fall from the cliff towards the pointy rocks and the salty spray of the sea below.
Gisabell awoke with a start her heart beating rapidly in her chest. She remembered the vivid details of the knife cutting through her, tearing at her skin. She remembered the agony as she fell towards the sea that was scarlet red like blood from the setting sun. She took in a deep breath. It was just a dream. She went to get up when she saw wooden walls around her closing her in.  I’m probably still in bed and I’m seeing things she thought and waited until her eyes adjusted. But it was still dark. Shrugging her shoulders Gisabell closed her eyes and got out of bed. In front of her was her mother. She was wearing all black her head facing the ground solemnly. Beside her was Aunty Clara and Gisabell’s little brother, Jasper. They too were wearing black.
“Mum, what’s going on?” Gisabell asked, her voice unusually sounding soft and kind of creepy. Her mother didn’t answer but a tear rolled down her cheek. Gisabell looked around her bedroom. But it wasn’t her bedroom. The walls were a pinkish colour illuminated only by flickers of light coming from a few candles that rested on silver tables. Flowers that were violet coloured filled the room and white cloths hanged from the walls. And in the center was a big oak wood coffin. Gisabell’s heart skipped a beat. Was this a funeral? But why didn’t she remember her mum telling her anything about it? Why had she fallen asleep in a funeral? Maybe she passed out.
   Suddenly Jasper burst into tears, his sobs making Gisabell feel worse. She had passed out when her brother needed her most. Sympathy bubbled inside her as she went, her arms outstretched, to hug her brother. But as she hugged him Gisabell’s arms went straight through Jasper’s body.  Dumbstruck Gisabell moved backward her hand over her gaping mouth.
“Mum,” she croaked “Jasper is transparent!” she ran to her mother waiting for a response. But nothing came from her. “Mum?” Gisabell lifted her arm to put it on her shoulder when it went straight through her body.  Gisabell’s heart stopped. Mum was transparent too.  Fear welled up inside her. Were they holograms? Then she remembered her dream. Or was it a dream? A sudden thought struck her mind. It chilled Gisabell to the bone. Gisabell walked towards the wall and closed her eyes. She put her hand forward and opened her eyes. Her arm had gone through the wall. She was the one who was transparent. And the funeral was for her. She was a ghost.


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