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The only difference between us and the monsters is remorse. Give it back, doc! Can't you see? They would so much rather be monsters. (An old piece I wrote, but still important)


June 15, 2019


Are you real?
Your words,
do they come from an infinity
lurking in
Are you a You?
A Who?
Your poetry is riddles
and lain out like the dawn,
plain as day,
clear as wind.
Are you real,
my darling?
Do you know?
For I think you're real.
I read every word,
every phrase graced upon my eyes.
I cannot hear your voice,
but I hear nothing that is real,
so I must assume
that you are really there.
I only hear synthetic,
sounds of bubble
and footsteps in a place that isn't real on repeat
That is not a metaphor.
This is:
My thoughts are a wave on an ocean
with nowhere to run but the beach.
They sing in caves
and storm
and rise
and fall, 
foaming at the mouth.
My thoughts are waves
on an ocean
searching for a shell,
just one,
but waves don't reach the seafloor,
they only grace the top,
leaving but one question:
Are you real?
Inspired by an autobiography written so surreal and read in the dark, it might have been a dream. 


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  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    The diary of a stranger is fiction to clueless mind- is there anything more isolating than headphones playing ambient noise?

    10 months ago
  • Loser

    The questions add a vagueness that I can only guess at the significance of.

    10 months ago