Maia armistead1


New Zealand

I tell the story
Of a girl who lives
In the mind of an old man
200 years before my time
All because I read
Four pages of a leather-bound book
In the back corner of a library
When I wanted a place to
Escape to

Mr. Fox?

March 31, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

Hi, Mr Fox, is it?
That's me.
I work at a publishing company, and I’m supposed to be finding work from ‘promising new authors’ and-
Sir, if you'll just consider, we could-
I said no.
It really is a fascinating story. I read it all, practically begged to be the one to come and ask you.
I suppose you expect me to be touched by that.
Not at all, Mr Fox.
Sullivan. That's my name.
Yes.. I know.
Use it then.
Okay then... Sullivan, I best be going. Unless you're willing to reconsider?
Not in the near future.
In the far future then?
I'm sure you'll find some way to persuade me.
I'll try my very best, Sir.
Now get out of my house.
Of course, Sullivan.


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