Writing is hard

Kara Webber

United States

Young teen writer in California. Hi.


April 4, 2016

PROMPT: Time Traveler

Hourglass Chain
Big Blue Box
Immortality of Cain
Wings carry the clock back

Sound of sand?
or a worp woosh worp?
Just feet walking on land?
Or a flap flap swish?

A Witch
A Time Lord
A Man with a Ditch
A  Lost Angel

And now me
my method differs from theirs
as I'm sure you can see
Well, where am I?

My wings of words
Carry me there
My favorite sword
it protects me here

More so when
Rather than where
More so then
Rather than soon

A Road Trip through time
In the sky
Where the stars shine
And the constellations sing

Back down I float
When have I gone?
Down the river goes the boat
A taxi through town

There's people here
They don't speak my language
 Long boat, man steers
Women in dresses we pass by

This place holds
A quiet beauty
This place is bold
Hues dominating

Very tall
Never fall

find the place
By the way I wrote this while half awake so yeah


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