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Live For the Now

June 18, 2019

PROMPT: Micro Memoir

    Today's the day I face my fears. The day where I am done being scared of living because I don't what the outcome will be. I'm tried of living for the next day, I am going to live for the now. I put on my favorite jeans and got ready for a party. I fixed my hair into a perfect ponytail,  and went to the skating rink.There he was, the boy of my dreams skating up to me. We flirted the whole time and asked to walk me home. I accept and as soon as we get in front of my house I grabbed his face and kissed his cheek and he smiled at me. I started to walk away and he grabbed my arm and pull me close and he gives me a hug. I go inside, lock the door and lean on it just like in the movies, I know the chance I took was totally worth every second of anxiety.
    That's when I discovered that fear doesn't last long but confident yourself can last forever.Being confident in yourself is all you need to face whatever lies ahead. Don't be afraid of being great.


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