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Not my best and kinda rusty with writing, but now I'm back and I'm gonna keep it up!!!

Pancit Canton

June 14, 2019


I remember once
My mama cooking
In the kitchen
A sweet
Of grease
And calamansi
She'd stir
The noodles
And the sauce
In harmony
Striking the air
With its presence
And my nose
Would crave it
The noodles
Covered in sauce
But otherwise
To my child soul
And my mama
She'd serve it
With bread
Called pandesal
My dad would serve it
With chips or crackers
And either way
I'd consume it
And with a huge smile
On my child self

Pancit Canton
Doesn't care
If I go fat
Or ugly
As long as surely
I'm happy
Because as a preservative
It's meant to
My joy
And my childhood
But just like
Instant noodles
In a second
I was too old
To eat it
Grown sick
Got a distress
Seen myself caring
About my chest
And the rest
I was horrible
And miserable
My child face gone
With a mustache
Above my lips
I've grown up
And I still am growing
But I miss those times
In the kitchen
Where my mama
Cooks pancit canton
The sauce
That was my childhood
Is gone...

Pancit Canton.
Pancit Canton - Also known as Stir-fried Noodles, it is a popular dish in the Philippines that comes in the form of the brand, Lucky Me!
Calamansi - Also known as Philippine Lime, this citrus plant is well-known to the Philippines (In this poem, the pancit canton's flavor is calamansi!)
Pandesal - a common type of bread in the Philippines (Pancit canton served with Pandesal is usually a popular combination!)

Let me know if you've tried this dish ;)


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