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My name is James Thomas, and I have been writing since about 6th grade. I enjoy writing, reading, and drawing, and I am looking to get myself officially published.

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Follow your dreams, keep writing, and above all, NEVER GIVE UP!

The Portal - Part 1

April 28, 2016


    The day began just like any other. I awoke to the hauntingly beautiful chords of "The Hanging Tree" (from the popular movie, "The Hunger Games : The Mocking Jay") and realized that morning had come at last. I reached over and turned off
my alarm clock. Then, throwing off my covers, I sat up in bed and set my feet on the cold floor. I shivered as I reached for
my clothes and a towel. I then wandered into the bathroom, closed the door, and prepared for the day ahead.
  Time to begin another day, I thought.

  As soon as I finished, I grabbed my backpack and left the room. It wasn't until after the door firmly closed behind me and
locked that I realized I had left my key card in the room. Not that it mattered. Unknown to my roommates, Caleb and Nate,
I could mentally unlock any door I approached. I smiled as I entered the small lounge of Ballard - the dorm that was to be my home for the next four years. There was so much that those around me didn't know about myself....

  I signed out using pen and paper (since I didn't have my card), and left the building. My first stop would be the cafeteria, after which I would head to work. I was currently helping out at the ABEKA print shop, located off the main campus. Any-
way, I reached the cafeteria, only to remember that I needed the card in order to get into the main building, the card I didn't have with me at the moment. Shrugging, I entered the building anyway and spoke with the girl behind the desk next to the turnstiles. At the same time I passed my hand over the scanner and there was a beep, followed by a green light. I then passed through the turnstiles and into the cafeteria. Technically, a student would need their ID to get in, but who needs an ID, when your father pretty much helps to rule the universe?

  I grabbed something to eat from the breakfast bar, and sat down. I was joined shortly by a few other students, people that worked with me, and I nodded to them in greeting. However, my mind busy with...shall I say, other matters...I didn't say much to either of the two sitting at the table, merely listened to what they were saying to each other. 

  When breakfast ended, the three of us picked up our trays and took care of our trash. We then left the cafeteria and headed across campus toward the large print shop where we all worked.

    It was time to begin yet another day...

Hey, followers and visitors...over the next few months (with the exception of  the weeks of May 25th to July 13th), I will be publishing a book on Write the World that I created a few years back. Enjoy!


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