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-Sylvia Plath

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Save Me, San Francisco

June 12, 2019


It was inevitable. Everyone knew that. Yet somehow when it finally happened, not a single person was prepared. Humanity’s worst nightmares came to life. Tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, the list didn’t appear to end. The time has finally come; Mother Earth was taking her planet back, and she wasn’t taking no for an answer.
    When the end finally came, the world population was practically totaled. Barely twenty thousand remain, all scattered around what used to be home. At one point or another, a single thought ran through each survivors’ heads, how did humanity let this happen? Whatever the answer may be, it was a waste of time to dwell on it. People who focused all of their energy on the “should’ve done this”, “would’ve done that”, “could’ve done more”, of what happened barely lasted a day. To survive on this new Earth, one must focus solely on the present, with the main goal of having survived another day.
    With the catastrophic natural disasters that came with Mother Nature’s takeover, all technology and a substantial amount of the advances made by the human race were eliminated, leaving each survivor clueless to who survived and who didn’t. Some of the most developed cities in the world were barely recognized in this new era.
    San Francisco was no exception.
    The Fisherman’s Wharf was one of the locations hardest hit by nature, its dock and shoreline littered with the remains of the tsunamis that tore through. The smell that filled the air reeked of corpses, animals and humans alike. Being significantly close to the fault lines of tectonic plates, the ground was torn open and buildings with more than one story came crashing down to the power of the earthquakes. The trains and trolleys that usually would pass through laid upturned in irregular locations; discarded like leaves in the fall. Not a single one had been notified about the End of the World.
Despite being torn to shreds by nature, the innocence of the pier was preserved. The once lively seafood restaurants appeared destroyed, worn and torn down by the tsunamis and leveled by the earthquakes, but still felt eerily welcoming. Not a single market, restaurant, store - or any building for that matter - had been boarded up or protected in any way. No one had known.
Within the debris of a flattened family-owned restaurant, a hand emerged. Scrapes and bruises covered the fingers; mud lingered within the paint-chipped nails. The seemingly disembodied hand began to flail, grasping desperately at anything within reach. After a few minutes of flailing, the hand ceased in resignation. From within the broken pieces of ceiling and glass shards, muffled crying ensued. The hand abruptly began to thrash and punched at the air in frustration, and finally shifted the remains away, revealing life.
Tear stains parted the dirt of her face, eyes wide with fright. Her deep wine-red hair was damp with salt water and filth, not resembling it’s usual volume in the slightest. Her fear grew exponentially as she turned her head to see what had become of where she had been grocery shopping not a day before. Nothing was recognizable. Silently, the woman attempted to reassure herself. She then stood and peered out at the horizon, the ocean, not a single being.
A sudden realization hit the woman like a truck. She whipped around to where she was once enclosed and shouted in desperation, “Billy?! Billy where are you!” The crushed building didn’t seem to display any sign of remorse like it had for her. Still in denial, she clawed at the remains in anguish, screaming the lost boy’s name all the while. She called for him until her voice became hoarse, barely audible by her sobs.
He was all she had. When her husband had first left her, she believed that any purpose she had was lost. Somehow, she’d have to manage with a child on the way. Finally deciding to rest on a piece of rubble, the woman chuckled slightly at her own foolishness.
Billy had become the best thing that had ever happened to her; he was the light in the darkness, giving her purpose every day. Just a smile gave her the ability to power through the toughest of days. He was the most content baby in the world. Billy was born premature, and was always more delicate than most his age. The woman worried constantly about his health, not wanting the child to leave her. But nevertheless, Billy approached every obstacle with a contagious grin that mirrored the heavens.
    When Billy had walked for the first time, the woman couldn’t contain her joy. She danced with him around the small apartment, Billy standing on her toes. They waltzed until their feet couldn’t carry them anymore. It was at that moment that the woman truly felt like a mother.
    On Billy’s first day of school, the mother almost decided to hold him back a grade. What if he isn’t ready? She worried. She knew his education was important, but she couldn’t bare for him to be away for so long. In the end, the mother decided it was best if Billy got to start his education with the other children his age. He’ll get along fine. At work, she sneaked glances at the clock anxiously, impatient to have Billy within her sights again. After seven dreadful hours of anticipation, she drove to the school and waited for Billy. A few minutes later, Billy came skipping out, a teacher following behind him.
    “You must be Billy’s mother,” the teacher offered a friendly grin to the woman. “May I speak with you for a moment?”
    “Of course,” the woman nodded her agreement, then proceeded to buckle Billy’s seat-belt. “I’ll be back in a moment.” She kissed the top of his head as she went off to follow the teacher.
    Once they were out of earshot, the teacher turned to face Billy’s mother. “You have an exceptional son, miss. I understand that you are having second thoughts about starting his schooling next year, but I truly believe that he can do great things in my class. Not only is he excelling in all that I am teaching, he is actually going one step further and helping others to excel too. I do hope that you will at least consider keeping him with us this year, he has a bright future ahead of him.” And with a smile and a wave to Billy, the teacher walked away. It was at that moment that it was clear; Billy touched more hearts than he’ll ever know.
    The woman walked sullenly down the broken street, no destination in sight or mind. Her feet shuffled with purposelessness, reaching an object that lay discarded on the crumbling cement. She looked down to find a small stuffed bear with a torn ear and a big red bow.  The bear’s ocean-soaked fur was matted and embedded with pebbles and mud. The woman’s eyes welled with tears, the flood gates faltering. Billy’s bear. She collapsed to the ground in anguish, finally realizing the harsh reality of the world. Of Billy.
    She contemplated staying on the ground there forever, letting nature take its course, taking her like it took Billy. There was no point in moving forward, there was nothing left to move forward to. A second reality hit the woman, almost as harsh as the first. If I die here, there won’t be anyone here to remember Billy. As much as she’d like to wallow in her grief, she wanted Billy to be remembered. He deserved to be remembered. The woman reached over and grasped the bear as if it was both a piece of delicate china and a lifeline. She stood and walked on shaky legs to a cleared area where some grass had miraculously survived. The woman gingerly placed the tattered bear on the patch of grass. For Billy.
This is not my original work! This piece of writing belongs to my friend Lindy (Who doesn't have a WTW account). She would greatly appreciate feedback and reviews, and everything you say I will send to her.
Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading :)


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    Wow this is amazing! Tell Lindy :)

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    *watery eyes* This is really good.

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