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Essay on polio by mason wong (Edited)

June 12, 2019

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Polio is a disorder that could make you be deadened. It is a threatening disease. It could be fatal if your respiratory tissues are affected or your heart tissues are affected.
 Polio is a disease that is caused by a virus called poliovirus that attacks your central nervous system which included your brain, spinal cord, and neurons. It could cause you to be paralyzed because without neurons to deliver messages your muscle could not contract, which you to be paralyzed. But most the people who got affected by poliovirus does not have any symptoms at all. But it is still super infectious so, if you feel like you got polio to go to a physician and check on do not go to public places. It could be spread by person to person contact, with an infected person stern or feces and then you touched your mouth, basically, you have to have contacted a person or any material that is infected to get the diseases.
The kind of people who are more feasible to get diseases are children under 6 month of age, and pregnant dames. However, there are situations where adults and youth older than 6 months of a lifetime become infected from polio. The poliovirus could live esophagus or in your stomach or intestines, which explain why if you rub or touch an infected person stern and touched then you will get infected. Nevertheless, most people don’t manifest any symptoms at all about 72 out of 100 people, a hardly small portion of people will show paralysis about 1 in 200 people have this. Furthermore, you could an infection in the covering of your spinal cord, and your brain, but only 1 in 25 people will possess this ( also called Meningitis.) Additionally, you could get feeling of pin and needles in the leg. But all these symptoms are unlikely. There are not highly possible that it will occur. Habitually you won’t any indications of those we had to discuss.
Positively, there are methods to obstruct polio. The method is vaccines. There is two kinds of vaccines the IPV or inactivated poliovirus vaccine, and the OPV or oral polio vaccine. Bot the vaccines put weaken or killed poliovirus into your body and your body will create an antibody to fight it. The identical way how flu vaccines or other vaccines operate.
Thus, polio is virtually gone in the world there are still countries where people did not entirely discontinue or stop polio. Those countries are Pakistan, Nigeria, and Afghanistan. There is the advancement in stopping polio in these countries but it is not totally ended or suspend polio yet. But, I think all of you are fortunate not living in the 1930s where polio wiped across the U.S. This is the end of the article and I wish you have a magnificent day and immeasurable week.

Author: Mason Wong

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  • mason wong

    Can anyone do you write a peer review on this please?

    3 months ago
  • mason wong

    Can anyone do you write a peer review on this please?

    3 months ago
  • WriteCodeSleep

    BTW another addition to your essay would be to capitalize the title. For example, I would prefer you to change it to"Essay on Polio By Mason Wong".

    3 months ago
  • mason wong

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

    3 months ago
  • Ryder

    My grandpa had polio when he was a kid and I was really cool in a way because he was diagnosed by the man who invented the vaccine. He was also the only kid to walk out of the hospital, everyone else needed assistance. Good job on this article!

    3 months ago