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To Take Refuge In

By: GamesBuzz 11

PROMPT: Refuge

What the word refuge means to me is a place I can reside in. A place where I can finally left alone to think and make up what I want for myself.It's a place where I won't constantly be judged for "different". In this place I constantly wish for to be real I'm not left out of anything and I don't ever feel like a weirdo. In a place like this I wouldn't be regularly be put down because of my gender. I wouldn't be called crazy for having feelings and then getting rid of so called feelings because I wanted to fit in. People wouldn't point at me and say "Hey look it's the crazy girl!",every time I did something I enjoyed.

Refuge is a home where I can be me without be judged by everyone for not having the same skin color, hair color, clothes or shoes, religion,gender, and sexuality.

Peer Review

I appreciate that he wrote this piece so, people know that refugee need our help, and we should not judge them based on how they look.

I am left feeling that refugee need a home, where there is no racism or prejudice of the refugee itself.

Reviewer Comments

You are a terrific writer, you should keep writing!!!!!