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March 30, 2016

Let me introduce you to a girl we will call Nina. Nina is one of those girls that has close to a thousand friends on Facebook, ten thousand Instagram followers when she follows only ten people and she always puts new snaps, every single hour on the hour. Nina gets up at around five in the morning, when she goes to school at seven thirty. Why? Well, she has a little routine she has to uphold every single day. She goes to sleep at ten during weekdays, so she doesn't have bags under her eyes, always saying "Beauty sleep is very important." So she gets up at five and then she stretches a bit, washes her face, showers and brushes her teeth. She sits at her study table, where there is only one book and it's used for decoration. She lathers her face with concealer and puts on her fake eyelashes which she goes through with a mascara brush. She puts lipstick on and eye shadow. She curls her hair and chooses carefully what to wear. For her, her look is the most important thing in the world.
"Your late" the teacher looks unsympathetically at the door.
"I'm sorry my bus ran late" Nina answers and sits down.
The teacher continues the lecture knowing she was lying, but not getting paid enough to care. Nina takes out her phone and takes a snap saying 'Almost got a tardy, but looking perfect'. A guy from class saw the snap and winked at her building her confidence. She starts chatting with friends on Whats app and she even posted a picture on Instagram. She didn't even notice the class' muffled snickering or the teacher standing behind her.
"Nina no phones in class. Hand me your phone now." The teacher extended his hand for the phone. Nina latched onto it tightly and started to cry.
"Please don't take it, I need it, please. I won't use it during your class I promise." The teacher gave in because of the tears or he just didn't care and went back to the front of the classroom.
Nina looked at her phone's screen looking mesmerized. She just got the newest iPhone, she can't bare to part with it so early. The class carried on Nina talked to the girl next to her while thinking she was secretly texting. The teacher wasn't stupid and decided to teach her a lesson.
"Nina would you come here and explain this problem to the class, since you obviously know it. Why else would you be chatting, hmm?" He looked at her without any noticeable expression, he was fed up with her.
"Uhm, I'm sorry. I don't know. I didn't have time to study and..." she gestured revealing her long mocha brown nails. The teacher made a grimace at the sight.
"But you did have time to put those fake nails on, did you?" The class snickered and she put her hands behind her.
After her humiliation on the blackboard the bell had rang and class was dismissed. She went to the bathroom feeling shaken up because how unfair the teacher was to her.
She looked at herself in the mirror and reapplied makeup, after which she took a few selfies she could post. Nina didn't notice that the bell rang or that a girl was standing beside her. The girl laughed making Nina turn in surprise.
"Sorry. You are just too funny to look at." said the girl while Nina looked around making sure she was the one being talked to.
"Do you think you're a model? You always take pictures of yourself. I even bet you did a few nude." The girl continued.
"What's your problem?" Nina inquired.
"You. You are my problem, well girls like you. You keep putting on tons of makeup and wearing skimpy clothes making all women look bad." The girl spat making Nina jump avoiding her spit.
"It's not my fault I'm prettier then most women." Nina smiled tossing her hair back.
"Really now? That's not even what I meant. You let yourself be objectified and treated as a sex toy just to get noticed and to be popular. You are everything women fought against. You are driving us back and letting men know we like to be treated that way, when even you hate when someone doesn't listen to you and only looks at your body. You think the most important thing is to look good, well news flash we are not in the 1950s anymore. You don't have to get married when you're twenty and have five kids you know. Because of you, women are paid less then men for doing the same job, sometimes even better then men. You make me sick. Posting pictures nude just to make yourself feel less alone and more beautiful then you really are." The girl started walking away before turning to say one more thing to a confused Nina.

"Oh and one more thing. If you're as pretty as you say you are why do you use so much makeup? It covers your entire face giving you a fake perfect look. Your lashes, hair extensions, even your nails are fake. I don't even want to know about your boobs honey. Your personality is fake, made by watching reality TV like you need a peer audience. DO you even know who you are? DO you even exist? You are completely fake."
"I'm perfect, you bitch!" Nina cried out to the girl.

"Honey, perfection is a lie. Perfection is fake. Just like you."


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