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doomsday #escapril

June 12, 2019


one may day
far, far away
on silvermine bay

a fish fillet
from norway
decided to stay
for a day
with his fiancee
a manta ray

during the day
when she was away 
he saw a blue jay
in a cafe
and he said hey

he wanted to play
some piquet
and dance ballet
so they did until midway
when he ordered a tea-tray
the fiancee came back and nay
she asked herself what is happening today
and seeing them so gay
this gave way
to utter dismay

he did betray
his fiancee
with satay
and creme brulee
this souffle
sent their marriage to decay
that’s all i’ll say
of this tragic day
in may
on silvermine bay
(it was also her birthday)
Day 14 of #escapril. Prompt: "make it rhyme". I went all out.


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  • omicron7889

    You definitely went all out. And even though this fish fillet did betray his fiancee, I have to say that the last line in brackets made me laugh

    6 months ago